Reflection: Checks for Understanding Love Leaves-Life Cycle-Leaf Goes On! - Section 2: Large Group Instruction


The beauty of this lesson is in its simplicity.  A life cycle is something that can be connected to a variety of things- chicken, snail..or themselves!  This simplicity makes it so much easier for English Learners (ELD) to better access the material.  As I mentioned in the lesson, the best part of this simplicity is the foundation it creates.  This can be a jumping off point for a variety of other subjects.  Everything has a beginning and an end, right?  For a process such as a life cycle, a diagram is the perfect way to illustrate it.  Specifically, the ordering and labeling makes for a concrete process absorption.  At first, I considered making this lesson a model, that it, illustrating the cycle without the label.  I decided to give my ELD students a little challenge though.  The terms in this lesson are very simple, yet valuable, so the degree of difficulty in the actual writing is fairly low.  Rather than a simple ‘draw the line and connect the pictures” worksheet, the combination of writing and ordering makes the student consider the material more closely.  So, as simple as it initially sounded, the challenge in this activity deepened the experience for the ELD students and made for a better path their future lessons.  

  Life Cycles Are Everywhere!
  Checks for Understanding: Life Cycles Are Everywhere!
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Love Leaves-Life Cycle-Leaf Goes On!

Unit 10: Love Leaves
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students will create a diagram to describe a leaf’s life cycle.

Big Idea: How does a leaf change over time?

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Science, Science Skills, ELL, leaves
  25 minutes
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