Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Love Leaves-Leaf Geometry-Shifty Shapes - Section 3: Individual Instruction


Leaves are everywhere this time of the year.  Actually, in Northern California, they’re kind of around all the time, for better or worse!  Collecting leaves is the fun part of the leaf unit.  The harder part is when we then ask ourselves “Then what?  What do we do with these leaves to better help them understand and absorb the material?” In the book I read to the student, I saw an activity that used leaves to create pictures. With this activity, I immediately saw both the enjoyment and the solid Science application. It’s not a stretch to use the leaf shapes to help explain how it’s used to support the unique needs of its tree or origin. Using these different leaves to create a picture further helps them to explore these leaves in individual ways.  Better yet, this kind of creativity and flexibility gives us the ability to quickly adjust lesson implementation in a way that best meets both the social and the academic needs of the students.  Frankly, Science is only memorable if it’s enjoyable as well. With activities like this, they get the best of both worlds.

  Then What?
  Adjustments to Practice: Then What?
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Love Leaves-Leaf Geometry-Shifty Shapes

Unit 10: Love Leaves
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Students will analyze leaf shapes and use them to create a picture.

Big Idea: Why are leaves certain shapes?

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