Reflection: Performance Tasks The Sankey Diagram - Energy Transformation Visuals - Section 4: Sankey Creation


Students seem to enjoy making the Sankey diagrams. Many of the groups apply go beyond the requirements of the assignment and produce extra parts to improve their display. The student work shows one group that made a diagram showing electric power usage in a typical home. They made  a key and drew a house and produced a great example. Another group researched and displayed energy use in the human body. 

I also liked the group that decided to work outside of the energy realm and produce a Sankey that shows the breakdown of popular music. Though I have my doubts that they used a genuine source as rap music is found nowhere on their diagram.

  Performance Tasks: Student work
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The Sankey Diagram - Energy Transformation Visuals

Unit 3: Energy
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: Students research the concept of the Sankey Diagram and create their own diagram for a topic of interest.

Big Idea: The total energy of a system is constant as the energy changes from one form to another.

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