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In the prior lesson, students reflected about whether they preferred working in groups or independently.  This year, my students liked independent work more.  

Therefore, in this lesson instead of putting students into groups, I decided to continue to let students work independently.  I had a number of students absent or in pull-out programs on Day 1 though, so today those friends could pick someone to work with.  I said, "Who is willing to work as a team today with ___ because she was absent?"  Many hands went up!

Since students worked independently, I lengthened the reflection time.  First, each student shared his or her design and explained the drawing.  Second, peers gave feedback through the PQP process.  Peers begin with praise, "I like how you showed the parts of the device."  Then, peers either ask a question, "I am confused how it works, does each teacher get a flashlight?" or make a suggestion to polish the work, "Maybe you could add more labels and a chart so we know."

The PQP process was new for my students.  At the beginning of the presentations, I modeled a lot of sentence starters, "I like..." but by the middle of the presentations, students got the hang of it!  PQP (Praise, followed by Question or Polish) is a great strategy to build confidence and then give positive feedback.  

For the first few presenters, I wrote the suggestions given on a post-it note for them.  Since the presentations were long for my wiggliest friends, I then played a transition song and students could bring post-it notes to the rug.  Now, students took their own notes about what to work on.


  Student Communication: Praise, Question, Polish
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Communication Devices ~ Revising Plans

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 18 of 18

Objective: SWBAT plan a tool to communicate over a distance utilizing light and/or sound.

Big Idea: The best laid plans... for finishing a great unit! Students improve their plans, and solve our problem.

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