Reflection: Intervention and Extension Stream Monitoring Field Tests - Section 3: Sharing Test Results


Each stream monitoring test takes a different amount of time. As a result, some students will finish quickly and others will need extra time. I have found that after students complete their test, they misbehave if not given another task to complete. I have created several extension activities that students can do after a test. One activity is to share test results with other students who have finished. This enables students to complete their lab record sheet. If students finish that task, I ask them to look around the stream site for signs of animal habitation. These signs could include actually spotting and animal, finding tracks, spotting scat, or finding signs of animal activity (At our stream site, we often find sticks that are chewed on by beavers and bird nests.) I ask students to record their findings on their lab sheet and share them when we return to class. These activitties keep students occupied with standards-aligned work.

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Stream Monitoring Field Tests

Unit 6: Watersheds and Water Quality
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT conduct tests of water quality and record their results.

Big Idea: Tests of water quality allow us to make judgments about water quality. Scientists record and share data from their scientific tests.

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Science, Human Impact on Earth, water, Environmental Education
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