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Although I offered students corn syrup as one of their ingredients, many of them chose a different medium for their cytoplasm. Some chose water, some chose gel from the hand sanitizer, others brought their own gel substances. This was wonderful to see, I could tell students understood the function of the cytoplasm by what they chose to think about and bring to use for their baggie cells. Although I sometimes have great answers in mind in these types of learning experiences, I am excited to see students reach beyond my thoughts to make an assignment their own.

  Allowing Freedom of Choice
  Diverse Entry Points: Allowing Freedom of Choice
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Baggie Cell Models

Unit 2: Animals Are Structures Too
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: Students will build animal cells with metaphorical objects to show their understanding of the functions of cell structures.

Big Idea: Understanding the structure and function of cells.

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Science, cellular components, diffusion, Osmosis, structures, scientific drawing, animal, bone, cell
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baggie cell
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