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Playing Socratic Smackdown can provide levels of differentiation in how you play it. If you have four group of students play the game, have your students who find it challenging to speak their thoughts go first. This way they have the option of answering a question any way they like. In subsequent groups of students, I don't let them repeat information already discussed in previous rounds so this becomes more challenging. Your advanced students should go last as they may find it most difficult to find new information to add to the discussion, which is fun and challenging for them, but could be more difficult for students who experience a learning disability or who have limited English proficiency.

  Socratic Dialogue
  ELL Students: Socratic Dialogue
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Macro-Structures of Animals - Flying Animals

Unit 2: Animals Are Structures Too
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: Students will understand how the macro-structure of a plant or animal supports its efficiency and survival.

Big Idea: Animals and plants have macro- and micro-structures that support their ability to survive.

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diffusion, Science, Grappling with Complex ideas and concepts, Science , Socratic Dialogue, Osmosis, structures, scientific drawing, animal, bone, cell
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