Reflection: Student Ownership Mystery Creatures Discovered... AAAHHH, It's a Spider! - Section 3: Wrap-up


I intended the wrap up research to be a relatively quick task in which students picked some focus spiders to center their research around.  I was happily surprised by the high engagement that students had during this assignment - they did not just pick any spiders, they kept looking until they found spiders that really peeked their interest before selecting them for research.  It was perfect, they were looking at dozens of spiders, recognizing the incredible diversity, asking questions, sharing info with other students - it was awesome.  I ended up giving them another whole class period to conduct their research and it was worth the time.  I learned a ton from the students...there are some really strange looking spiders out there!

  Adapting Based On Student Response
  Student Ownership: Adapting Based On Student Response
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Mystery Creatures Discovered... AAAHHH, It's a Spider!

Unit 5: Biodiversity and Spiders
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT recognize several characteristics and the habitat of spiders.

Big Idea: Students begin to investigate the "alien" nature of spiders to begin to appreciate their beauty and importance.

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