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I love, love, love this video!  There are so many avenues for developing a rich discussion with the class.  First, it demonstrates that real scientists work through the exact same process that the students did to identify the unknown spider (I did show this following the student identification due to technical difficulties and I do think that is a better placement of the video within the lesson).  I also had an interesting discussion about the scientific method with the students.  They pointed out that while the scientists did not follow the order of the process that students are taught in school, they did hit all of the steps.  They were able to state that while adults are disciplined enough to follow through on their own, they believe that the majority of students need the structure to ensure they are meeting all the requirements.  I was happily surprised by how insightful and honest the students were.

  A Note On The Video
  Real World Applications: A Note On The Video
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On the Hunt Part 2: Spiders

Unit 5: Biodiversity and Spiders
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify the type of spiders based on its observed characteristics.

Big Idea: Students apply science practices in their effort to identify unknown spiders they collect!

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