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In my class, we have been discussing the importance of reading fluency.  I explain to the students that fluency in reading helps us to read quickly and accurately so that they can spend their reading time understanding their reading.  When I taught the students about learning math fact fluency, I made the connection between the two, but it made me realize that the way I teach the importance of reading fluency is different from the way I teach math fact fluency.  Usually, I teach them separately and I talk about the importance of both.  In the future I will teach the word "fluency" and reference it in math and reading.  The students in my class saw these as two different understandings and it became difficult for them to see the clear connection between the two. 

  Fishing for Doubles Reflection
  Lesson Planning: Fishing for Doubles Reflection
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Go Fishing for Doubles

Unit 2: The Mission of Addition
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: The students will be able to develop their basic math fact fluency for doubles facts.

Big Idea: Students play a favorite card game which practices the quick and accurate recall of double facts.

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