Reflection: Trust and Respect Ratios of Similarity and 3D Solids Generated by Revolving 2D Figures - Section 1: Reciprocal Teaching: 4 Green Problems and 1 White Paper


Today, as the lesson unfolded, I thought using a jigsaw-reciprocal teaching protocol for these four volume problems allowed students to gain confidence while working in their Mastery Groups, as well as while teaching others.  A change I made this year was to ask students to look back on all four problems at the end of this activity and to summarize the big ideas of their work.  After a few minutes I allowed students to share their big ideas.

This addition to the activity worked well. The question to allowed students to verbalize some ideas that helped the entire group. For example, one student shared the observation that, “Pyramids are pretty much like cones, and cylinders are pretty much like prisms.”  His description helped others recognize that it makes sense to think about the volume of both pyramids and cones as V=1/3 BH, where B is the Base Area and H is the Height.  

  Making Use of Structure
  Trust and Respect: Making Use of Structure
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Ratios of Similarity and 3D Solids Generated by Revolving 2D Figures

Unit 10: Geometric Measurement and Dimension
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to solve volume problems and identify 3-D solids generated by revolving 2-D figures.

Big Idea: Through reciprocal teaching, students will gain confidence in solving volume problems.

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Math, Geometry, Measurement, modeling, space, shapes, reciprocal teaching
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