Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Real World Volume Context Problems - Section 1: Warm-Up


During today's Warm-Up I appreciated the challenge that the tasks posed for my students. They applied their knowledge o how to find the volume of a prism, without my having to reteach ideas they have already seen. Since the warm-up required students to apply Cavalieri’s Principle, students considered the structure of the solid as they evaluated its volume (V = BH, with B=prism base area, H=prism height). They analyzed structure in 2- and 3-Dimensions because they also had to consider possible dimensions for the base of the parallelogram-based prism.          

The Warm-Up tasks also create opportunities to address common misconceptions. For example, in the triangular prism students are forced to grapple the fact that the base of the prism is not the rectangular face on which it sits, and that the height is not how tall the solid is, but rather, how deep it is. Some students regularly apply oversimplified definitions of the concepts base and height that ignore the properties of a prism. Since students have to apply Cavalieri’s Principle in this task, the correct identification of a cross section of the solid requires a more detailed inspection of the solid. As my students completed this work, it was clear that several were required to re-think their current definition of base and height.  

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Seeing Structure & Redressing Misconceptions
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Real World Volume Context Problems

Unit 10: Geometric Measurement and Dimension
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Objective: Students will be able to identify 2-D cross sections of 3-D figures while applying Cavalieri's Principle.

Big Idea: Through small group and whole-class discussion, students will deepen their understanding of volume by explaining their thinking to others.

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