Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Owls and thier Big Eyes and Cool Necks - Section 1: Introduction


This video was a great source of information in the first few minutes.  I chose the video because the pictures are good and the information given is helpful. 

The students had a difficult time understanding the narrators accent in this video.  In the future, I might try to find a video that is easier to understand.

The students were fascinated with the live pictures of the owls and they got very excited to see them.

I had to be very careful in my classroom with the amount of students that have cultural beliefs in regards to the owl.  There is a high percentage of students that are Native American at my school and teachers need to be well informed about those types of things when teaching students about certain subjects.

I had to get permission slips for my students to participate in this lesson.  Please be aware of these things.

I feel that using the video enhanced the lesson because the owl is an animal that many have not seen in real life.  Showing the live owls gives the students a better understanding of this animal.

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Owls and thier Big Eyes and Cool Necks

Unit 3: Nocturnal Animals
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Students learn about owls and how their big eyes help them by experimenting with tubes and not being able to move their own eyes to look around.

Big Idea: Student learn about different types of owls and how their eyes help them to see at night.

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Science, Science Skills, simulation, Nocturnal, echolocation, animal
  40 minutes
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