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Allowing students to be a part of planting a tree for them to take care of on the school property gives the students a sense of ownership of the unit they have just learned.  The students are incredibly excited that this is "their" tree.  They know facts about the tree.  They are in charge of keeping the tree watered. They picked the place that they planted the tree.

For all of their years from Kindergarten through the end of elementary, they will be able to share with friends and family that the learned about trees and that is the tree they planted. 

This is a great way to end such a unit because it's fun for the students and they feel they have accomplished something.

In the future, I would like to plant a bigger tree instead of a seedling. 

  Planting a Tree
  Joy: Planting a Tree
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Planting a Tree

Unit 4: Trees
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: Students understand the basics of what a tree needs to grow by planting a tree together in the school yard.

Big Idea: Trees need three basic things to grow and live.

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Science, Science Skills, evergreen, pinecones, tree
  30 minutes
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