Reflection: Lesson Planning Raccoons and their Quick Claws - Section 1: Introduction


The anchor chart did not end up getting used during this lesson.  The students were so engaged in the reading and the discussion part of the book that I forgot to add information to the chart during the lesson.

The students were very interested in learning more about raccoons and they did not come with a whole lot of prior knowledge so it was very interesting conversation that they were having.

In the future, I think using the anchor chart to add questions or animal facts will be helpful.  However, when you are in a teaching moment, some things in your lesson need to take a more natural course and if you feel that your students are engaged and learning and that a previously planned piece of the lesson isn't going to work at that moment, they we as teachers need to think on our feet and roll with it.

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Raccoons and their Quick Claws

Unit 3: Nocturnal Animals
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students learn about raccoons and their quick, sharp claws by labeling a diagram of the racoons and its hands and feet.

Big Idea: Students learn about raccoons and how their sharp claws help them to find food in any situation.

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Science, Science Skills, compare and contrast, labeling, Nocturnal, echolocation, animal
  35 minutes
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