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I have included a video that captures a student's notebook response from today's work.  This is a great example of a student diagraming how the Kazoo worked, the use of unit vocabulary words, and great organization.  This was the students best entry of the year, as far as meeting the scoring criteria.  This is the third lesson in this unit and marks the third time he has worked with someone of the same ability.  Instead of taking a backseat to a stringer student, the student appeared to be more engaged and offered more to the conversation.  This is one of the reasons why I went with the intentional pairings that I have for this unit.  

  Student Grouping: Intentional Pairing and Meeting the Standard
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Kazoos For You

Unit 4: Sound and Light Waves
Lesson 5 of 20

Objective: SWBAT explain how vibrations create sound waves that travel through the air to the ear by making a kazoo.

Big Idea: The students will make a kazoo and experiment with the different sounds that they can get the kazoo to make.

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Science, sound effects, Waves, Sound, Light, sound waves, light wave, 1st Grade, vibration, telephone, sound energy, ear, matter
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