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The cell membrane's phospholipid bilayer can easily be drawn with colored pencils to highlight the structural details that allow for molecules pass into and out of the cell, but this hands-on activity provides a visual example of how molecules can move through the cell membrane.  The true value of science education is the laboratory experiments that assist our students to understand the world around them.  It is extra work to prepare student activities, BUT it is essential to provide as many hands-on inquiry activities for students to explore to maximize student learning.  This simple demonstration of osmosis provided an experience for students to reference as they progress to more rigorous content in their science education.

  The Importance of Hands-On Activities
  Student Ownership: The Importance of Hands-On Activities
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Unit 5: Cell Biology - An Out Of This Cell Experience
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create a model of the cell membrane and develop a narration explaining movement across the cell membrane to maintain homeostasis.

Big Idea: Time to get your hands dirty . . . constructing a clay model of the cell membrane and completing an experiment to track movement in and out of the cell. It will be cell-tacular!

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