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In looking at the exit tickets, the students understood the targeted concepts concerning they learned about weather and erosion. However, they did not go in depth about what they had learned. Therefore, I created a song that would help the students know what weathering and erosion and how it effect the Earth.

I will continue to use exit tickets in my classroom because it provides me with an opportunity to assess my students' learning. Also, the exit tickets permit my students to write which is essential to their language development.

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Weathering and Erosion

Unit 7: Earth Changes
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Objective: SWBAT explain the difference between erosion and weathering.

Big Idea: Erosion and Weathering - What's the Difference?

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Science, weathering, erosion, earthquake, earth, Earth Science, glaciers, water, Wind Erosion, Erosion, ice
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weathering and erosion
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