Reflection: Modeling Identifying A Problem - Section 5: Elaborate


I find as I begin a unit I need to really allow the students to share their prior knowledge. Then I build upon their prior knowledge to go where I want. After they share and make connections about how littering and too much snow are bad I introduce my problem. It is much easier for me to pick the scenario for the problem than allowing the class to pick, because I have a direction I want to go with the unit. 

So, they are personally connected to the need of a new playground, since they play on the school playground. Next, I move the class to analyzing playgrounds, observing the layout, and then we survey students to see what things they like on a playground. I had this in my mind to meet the standard, since they need to create a solution to solve a problem people want to change.

You can see both examples of student work: proficient student work and basic student work that the students started with one student's idea and my example. Then they expanded by adding their knowledge. Last, they added based on what their peer said. This helps students learn from each other. They are simply expanding their current knowledge and really beginning to develop an understanding of identifying a problem they want to solve.

  Modeling: Student Work
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Identifying A Problem

Unit 8: Engineering Design
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT explain a problem in their community.

Big Idea: Engage in real world application experience as students explain a problem in their community.

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