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At the end of the lesson, we sat in a circle on the perimeter of the rug.  I asked students, "Which did you prefer, working by yourself today or working with a group in our previous engineering task?"  Students turn-and-talk with a partner to engage with the question and get their ideas ready.

Then, I call on a student to start our discussion.  Throughout the year, we have been working on establishing genuine conversation.  Genuine conversation includes students taking turns to speak and truly listening to one another.  Teachers facilitate the discussion by saying things like, "Who would like to build on ____'s comment?  Who agrees or disagrees with ___?"

In today's conversation, I was surprised to hear students share such sophisticated thinking!  Here are some of their comments:

"I agree with L., A., and G. that I like working independently because sometimes in a group you might not like someone else's idea and they might not like yours."

"I like working with groups because you can help each other get and hold materials."

Most students preferred working independently because they could really let their own creativity flourish, didn't have to take turns, and could develop their ideas fully without needing to compromise for group members.  This conversation validated the lesson choice I made to have them work almost entirely independently, but of course with the option to ask each other for help if they needed it.

  Hearing student opinions
  Student Feedback: Hearing student opinions
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Communication Devices ~ Planning

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: SWBAT plan a tool to communicate over a distance utilizing light and/or sound.

Big Idea: There's a light at the end of the tunnel! Help your students brainstorm and plan devices that communicate over a distance using light and/or sound.

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