Reflection: Real World Applications Using Algae for Phytoremediation (Part 3/3) - Section 4: Comparing Our Data with the Data of Others


In this teaching reflection, I explain how students compare the data they collected with data collection by science experts.  

  Real World Applications: Organizing a Multi-Day Lab: Comparing Our Data With Others
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Using Algae for Phytoremediation (Part 3/3)

Unit 4: Protists
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: Students will test algae's ability to remove pollutants from waste water to better understand phytoremediation.

Big Idea: Algae are amazing living things especially when it comes to clean-up.

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Ecology, Science, pollution, homeostasis, stability and change, Protists, Ecosystem Dynamics, Impact of human activities
  49 minutes
3x2 millimeters of spirogyra
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