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Some students are self-conscious and might be shy to ask their neighbor to check their ears to determine type of ear lobes.  It's extremely important that you create a safe learning environment where students are respectful of each other.  I model this level of respect on a daily basis with my students and as a result my students reciprocate the same behavior with their peers and myself.  In the extreme case that a student is unwilling to participate you may have to be the one that checks the presence or absence of traits.

All of our teachers have completed a Capturing Kids Heart training where we have learned skills that have allowed us to better relate to our students.  One area in terms of developing shared expectations has been the use of a social contract.  Ultimately the creation of a social contract allows students to take center stage in creating a learning environment that meed the needs of all students.  This process builds student ownership in contrast to the typical teacher reading out list rules of consequences  and hoping that students oblige.  With anything in teaching the key is consistency and making sure that all stakeholders, including teacher, follow the social contract.

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Heredity - An Inventory of Traits

Unit 6: Inheritance and Variation
Lesson 8 of 19

Objective: Students will take inventory of their own easily observable genetic traits

Big Idea: Traits are observable characteristics that are passed down from parent to child.

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