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One of the areas that I strive to improve on is making sure that I connect content to my students everyday lives.  One way of achieving this is by using real world applications.  The good thing about genetics, probably the reason it's my favorite unit to teach, is that it lends itself to this task.  Having students think about the intricacies of how they have acquired genetic traits from different generations is not only relevant to everyone but quite frankly amazing.  

As a teacher of ELL students, one of my challenges is to make sure that I provide my students with as many opportunities to use new science vocabulary.  It is not enough to put them on my word wall or have students complete a Frayer Model.  I have to design genuine learning activities where students use vocabulary in the correct context to build a greater conceptual understanding of content.  Through this activity students were required to use words such as genes, alleles, genotype, and phenotype to create their genetic composite.  I will continue to find real world applications to all my lessons to increase engagement and create equity for all students.

  Real World Applications
  Real World Applications: Real World Applications
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Create a Genetic Composite

Unit 6: Inheritance and Variation
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Objective: SWBAT create a genetic composite by exploring relationship between gentoype and phenotype.

Big Idea: Students use probability to determine phenotype from genotype.

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