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This activity follows a similar structure to an activity in the previous lesson.  The primary difference is that the prior lesson is a shallow dive.  What is environmental justice?  What are some examples of environmental justice issues related to water rights?  This lesson pushes students to make meaning of definitions and examples.  How can we take steps to promote environmental justice in the world?  How can we apply STEM skills and concepts to our communities? Who are the stakeholders in the environmental movement and how might we best communicate with them to increase environmental justice?

However, I learned from the previous lesson, that most students are not quite ready to generate high-level guiding questions.  In this lesson I made an adjustment and supplied a list of guiding questions that students might use.  These questions cover a range of complexity. Some require claims with evidence that can be pulled from A Fierce Green Fire; others are open-ended and require students to synthesize information and take intellectual risks in presenting ideas.  I am curious to see how I can scaffold this process better in the next iteration of this course.  Many of my students are able to generate these questions with guidance, but fall apart when working independently.  Is this a confidence issue?  Is there a skills gap?  Is this an instance of students having a skill but not the ability to apply the skill to novel contexts?

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Environmental justice (2 of 3)

Unit 3: Environmental justice
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Objective: Students will be able to 1) ask questions of an informational documentary; and 2) collaboratively refine the definition of environmental justice.

Big Idea: Environmentalism is a social movement that aims to protect and improve the health of the environment for all stakeholders. How might we identify effective strategies from environmentalism movements that promote environmental justice?

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