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I teach in a blended learning environment, meaning that some of the teaching and learning happens in my classroom through digital technology.  One of the great benefits of a blended model, is that classrooms extend beyond the physical spaces of my school building.  In this case, students have a "flipped" assignment.  Flipped assignments are generally short videos or readings that allow a student to become familiar with core ideas, concepts, vocabulary terms, and processes before class.  Flipped assignments are designed to reduce or eliminate "chalk and talk" teacher-centered content delivery.

As a "flipped" assignment, this work should be done outside of class, BEFORE this lesson.  In my experience, although the digital divide is still a real feature of many students' lives, access to technology and the internet is ubiquitous throughout my school building; public spaces such as the Brooklyn library can serve the same function.  As such, even students that do not have internet access at home should be able to complete this 15 minute assignment. 

Setting up this type of classroom requires that teachers effectively train students.  Students need to know what their options are for accessing online content in public space.  Students need to be able to budget time in their schedule so that they can complete flipped assignments before they get home.  And students might need training in basic computer skills. 

  But what about the digital divide?
  Classroom Setup: But what about the digital divide?
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Environmental justice (2 of 3)

Unit 3: Environmental justice
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Objective: Students will be able to 1) ask questions of an informational documentary; and 2) collaboratively refine the definition of environmental justice.

Big Idea: Environmentalism is a social movement that aims to protect and improve the health of the environment for all stakeholders. How might we identify effective strategies from environmentalism movements that promote environmental justice?

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environmental justice
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