Reflection: Joy Discovering The Science Behind the Kaleidoscope - Section 4: Closing With Aha Moments


Joy. This word is often not the focus of our teaching. We are absorbed in the standards, the process and the assessments. But, for me, I have looked for joy in every single science lesson I develop and teach because I want my students to love science. I think that in order to deepen appreciation of life, developing the desire to preserve and conserve natural resources, and engineer products that help people has to come from the very roots of early education. NGSS is set up so that we can foster this joy of learning through inquiry. This kaleidoscope lesson is an example of that very opportunity for me! I truly hope it reached all of my students at that level. 

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Discovering The Science Behind the Kaleidoscope

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: Students connect how light energy works within a kaleidoscope.

Big Idea: Today, students discover the scientific phenomena behind the kaleidoscope they constructed the day before.

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Science, light wave, Light, refraction (Light), Sound, circuit, reflection, KLEWS chart, kaleidoscope, light energy, eye
  50 minutes
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