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Please review the following reflection for ideas regarding the use of role-play in my high school science class. As I reflect on the role play activities I use with my students I have to highlight the evolution of these activities and how they tend to change over the course of our time together. From awkward to intense, as their role play skills improve I can observe how this can afford them greater  access to the content as well as enabling them to apply the content in a meaningful way. My point is that it is certainly worth the initial uneasy feeling, blank stares, and resistance on the part of the students especially when the result is higher assessment scores and greater student ownership and engagement.

  Is ROLE-PLAY a Right Fit for YOU and Your Students?
  Shared Expectations: Is ROLE-PLAY a Right Fit for YOU and Your Students?
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The Future of Molecular Medicine

Unit 6: DNA and Detectives: Applications of Genetic Testing
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to explain that in the future, physicians will change how they prescribe drugs due to our increasing understanding of how genetic differences among people affect responses to drug treatment.

Big Idea: As our understanding of human genetic variation improves, we will most likely see many changes in how physicians diagnose and treat human diseases.

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