Reflection: Perseverance Origami Boxes Gallery Walk - Section 2: Reflect on Feedback


Many groups made some very important, powerful breakthroughs this year.  One such insight was the notion of dilation: if all squares are similar and, thus, dilations of each other, then wouldn’t all the boxes made from these square papers be dilations as well? 


Unsurprisingly, this profound insight was not fully appreciated by other students during the Gallery Walk.  Students left feedback for the group suggesting they had a sense of the group’s dilation idea, but it was evident they hadn’t been stopped in their tracks by the power of this insight.   Because I had built in time for students to reflect on the feedback they had been given, they were able to revise their posters to more clearly communicate their ideas.

  Learning from Feedback
  Perseverance: Learning from Feedback
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Origami Boxes Gallery Walk

Unit 10: Geometric Measurement and Dimension
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to make sense of and critique others' reasoning about how volume grows.

Big Idea: By participating in a Gallery Walk and reflecting on cool and warm feedback, students will revise their work on Origami Boxes.

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Math, Geometry, Measurement, modeling, space, shapes
  45 minutes
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