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When I first launched the task, I had put in considerable effort to make sure students understood the expectations for the “stand alone” group poster.  In preparing students for the Gallery Walk, I knew I would need to impress upon students the importance of them taking time to thoughtfully engage with the work before them in order to leave thoughtful feedback to the group.   


I told students they would need to take time reading each poster, to carefully consider the strategy the group used which might vastly differ from their own.  I asked students to think about how much time that might take (“Maybe a couple of minutes?” a student offers), at which point I abruptly stopped talking and asked students to watch the second hand on the clock go by.  I kept the students in an awkward silence for about 10 seconds, which to me, was one of the most powerful ways I could give students a sense of time.  I think students took away a sense of what it might take to really listen to someone else’s ideas, to try to make the ideas make sense to themselves, and to then leave thoughtful feedback to push the group forward in their own thinking.    

  Engaging in Students' Work Requires More than a Quick Look
  Accountability: Engaging in Students' Work Requires More than a Quick Look
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Origami Boxes Gallery Walk

Unit 10: Geometric Measurement and Dimension
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Objective: Students will be able to make sense of and critique others' reasoning about how volume grows.

Big Idea: By participating in a Gallery Walk and reflecting on cool and warm feedback, students will revise their work on Origami Boxes.

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Math, Geometry, Measurement, modeling, space, shapes
  45 minutes
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