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A compare and contrast exercise is valuable at this age for one simple reason.  It teaches our students to slow down and look at the things they study.  While they sometimes grasp for ways to describe it, they are better suited to know what they don't know..and fill in the gaps.  That struggle- that wonder-reflect-attempt-answer is OK, even desirable, because ultimately, it gives them ownership over what they learn.  When you foster this type of independence, they retain much more than if we feed them information.

Kindergarten students tend to move fast.  All the time.  This often causes them to overlook the details that would lead them to valuable observations and answers.   A Venn diagram, particularly one that is color coded, makes them stop, look..and think.  Essentially, in this lesson, the Science evidence that they collect gives them mastery (of their own design) over the material.   This student ownership gives them a meaningful connection to the learning, adding a long term element that will help them connect to material for years to come.

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Love Leaves- Learning About Leaves- Compare and Contrast

Unit 10: Love Leaves
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Students will use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the features of leaves.

Big Idea: How are leaves unique?

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Science, Science Skills, Venn diagram, compare and contrast, leaves
  30 minutes
leaf compare contrast
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