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This year we celebrated pi day the day before, since the 14th was a Saturday. That did not stop students from feeling the excitement since January. Some of my students started memorizing digits of pi that early. One of them successfully memorized and recite 209 digits of pi! 

I also bravely tried out different games. The "Pi" eating contest is fun, but often allowed some students to opt out of completing the problems. I decided to change certain aspects of the team competition and I am including those details and resources here.

The "Pi" eating contest was no longer a part of a team competition. Instead it happened at the end of class. Teams of 4 were to form. Test prep books had just been received so we used the circle problems from the appropriate section to complete the team competition. I gave all teams 15 minutes to complete as many of the 10 problems included in the book as possible. Then, we played Zap!. I got this idea from a pinterest page I visited once. Groups got turns to answer one of the 10 questions, which I chose randomly, for groups to answer. If the group answered correctly, they earned a point, and got to pick a card from one of 4 piles. If they answer incorrectly I give the next team a try. No penalty is given to the group that answered incorrectly. 

The resource attached includes 4 different types of cards. The copies are to be made using 4 different colors of card stock using the "double side" option of the printer. There is a deck for each letter Z-A-P-! (and the exclamation point). 

Each of the cards merits a reward or a punishment in points. Sometimes the card elected zaps all groups and everyone loses their points. The game ends once we've reviewed the answers to all 10 questions, or I make sure to keep track of time to end early and make room for the pi eating contest. It's completely optional and separate from all other competitions. Students race to eat the whipped cream out of a pie pan, winner earns a cookie, or some other baked good I brought that day. 


Happy Pi Day!

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Pi Day

Unit 6: Percent Applications
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Objective: SWBAT review circumference and other topics that use pi.

Big Idea: students compete to answer questions involving pie and qualify for a seat in a pie eating contest

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