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This task may seem really simple on the surface, but the students really needed to make sense of what the dimensions represented. Students have to think about the shape of the faces since the one that is 6 square units could be 6x1 or 2x3. They have to think about how the faces fit together in order to figure out the dimensions of each face and then relate the individual dimensions to the dimensions of the rectangular prism. This is the conflict I want them to resolve because this is where they are most likely to discover the generalized procedure. It is only through visualizing how the faces fit together that helps students make the necessary connections. If students need a little more scaffolding I might change the prompt to say that the "front and back" faces of the box have an area of 6 square units, the "top and bottom" etc. This helps them think about which faces connect.

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  Complex Tasks: Productive struggle
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Invisible Boxes

Unit 9: Exploring Surface Area
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT calculate the surface area of prisms when given only the dimensions.

Big Idea: The dimensions of the individual faces is related to the dimensions of the rectangular prism.

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