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Another example of a solution to a different set of problems I had last year. With only 60 minutes per class, I used the Do Nows to spiral and review material students needed to master. Last year it was simplifying algebraic expressions. This year I am taking any do now like this one, which is not connected to the main objective of the lesson, and using them during the official review sections of class, which occur during the last 30 minutes. Any Do Nows that included sprints are used to kick off these review segments of class.

For this lesson, I created a do now with two connected questions. This Do Now example helps to explain the meaning of successive percents". Students must be able to solve any multi-step percent word problem. They must also understand that some percents cannot be simply combined and applied singularly to an amount; some have to be applied in succession, one after the other.

This is a great Do Now where students can easily be strategically partnered. You can easily identify a correct answer on the blank to identify students who could possible teach the skill to a teammate. You can also identify students who need to be in a small group with you, for intervention.

  Relevance: Relevant to the Objective
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Consumer Math

Unit 6: Percent Applications
Lesson 14 of 17

Objective: SWBAT compute successive percentages.

Big Idea: students work in groups to display work on chart paper that explores successive percentages

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