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Launching discourse in a first grade classroom can be super tricky. At the start of the year my student conversations are short and to the point: I liked it. Me too. With every opportunity I point out the rich language and "conversation" that are higher level and repeat word for word to give my students a model for what a real conversation looks and sounds like. I do my best to engage students in conversation while using the language I want them to use.  This is another way of modeling that supports my students.  Another tool to support this growth is an Accountable Talk anchor chart. I use this anchor chart daily with students until the language becomes part of their conversation.  Then I only use this chart as a reference tool periodically to remind students how to engage in rich conversations.  Later in the year all I have to do is point to the chart, give a wink and my students know just what to do to increase the level of discourse.

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  High Quality Task: Accountable Talk
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The Experts - Day 1

Unit 3: Unit 3: Celetial Patterns: The Sun, The Moon and Stars
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Objective: SWBAT create a heading and Table of Contents that will assist them as they write an information piece of writing teaching others what they have learned about the patterns of our celestial objects.

Big Idea: Did you know that we are space experts? We are going to write a nonfiction piece of writing teaching what we know about our patterns in space!!

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