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Kids understand that some things are made of wood, but they often do not make the connection between wood and trees. This artifact hunt points out the reality of how much wood we use. Discussing what they notice with their partner helps them see even more.

As the kids look around the room and conduct their wood artifact hunt they begin to realize just how much wood is used in the classroom. They are amazed that the tables, bookcases, walls, doors, blocks, and pencils are all made out of wood. As we see and share, the wood begins to stand out even more and they add more to the list. This is the point when they start to say that maybe we shouldn't use some much wood.

This leads into the concept of the need for conservation through recycling, reusing, and reducing wood. This artifact hunt is the catalyst to getting kids to think about how much trees really do for us. Not only do they provide us with food and oxygen, but the wood to create the things around us. This is where the kids begin to feel thankful for the giving tree.

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The giving tree

Unit 3: One, Two, TREE!!
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Objective: SWBAT communicate things that trees provide humans by looking for items around the classroom discussing ideas with a partner and recording information in a science journal.

Big Idea: This lesson gives kids an understanding of what trees do for us besides look nice. It touches on wood, paper, oxygen, shade and more!

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the giving tree
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