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Sometimes I get so wrapped up in being concerned that I am teaching them something that I can forget that they are children. As I was anxious to get the science concepts that I wanted them to connect, I suddenly realized from the dialogue, the sharing and the energy, that I needed to back off and let it happen. I needed to let them play. So I did. And I realized that it ate up the rest of the class period. Oh well! What is best for kids, is a flexible teacher who can assess when to allow it to happen in their best interest. Tomorrow, the science would happen!

  Because They Are Children, The Science Would Happen Tomorrow!
  Flexibility: Because They Are Children, The Science Would Happen Tomorrow!
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Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: Students explore how light can be reflected and bent in order to see objects.

Big Idea: Students create kaleidoscopes to explore light energy and how it can be bent and reflected to see shapes.

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Science, Waves, light energy (Physics), Sound, Light, light wave, circuit, Light, reflection, light energy, eye, kaleidoscope
  65 minutes
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