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Teaching students about the night sky can be difficult because you only have your students during the day. The use of models help students observe the night sky objects that you are trying to teach them about. The drawings are helpful as are using a dark room and flashlights to project constellations.

If possible, invite the students to a night time astronomy presentation or take them on a field trip to a planetarium. We were able to have a mobile planetarium come to our school this year and the student learned a lot from the astronomer who presented the information. 

I also found a great link from JPL for instructions for making your own planetarium and I think I might try to make it this year or for next year.

My students were excited about learning about the apps that can be used to look at the stars, but I emphasized to them that nothing beats going outside on a moonless night in low light area and looking at the stars. I told them that the next time they go camping or hiking, try to check out the stars at night. 

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Unit 2: The Sun and Earth Connection
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Objective: SWBAT identify common constellations in the sky that are visible in the current season.

Big Idea: Building upon their learning experiences about stars and their brightness, students will become more familiar with the patterns that these stars make in the night sky.

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