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I didn't like including of scale factor in the notes. It is not relevant to the main lesson It's best to stick to the aim of the lesson. This year, I only focused on taxes and tip in the main lesson, and used scale factor in the review section of class.

My attempt this year was to get students to see percent applications problems as belonging to one of three categories:

Only percent of: i.e. questions about commission alone, discounts, taxes, tips, or interest alone.

Percent added to: i.e. percent increase, mark up, total after taxes, total after tip, total principle + interest earned  

Percent subtracted from: i.e. sale/discount price, mark down, percent decrease

Successive percents: i.e. (bill + tax) + tip, original (price - discount) + tax

This lesson on taxes and tip is great when it happens before successive percents. Getting students to understand what kind of problems ask them to add on a percentage of an original amount takes practice and exposure to different ways of asking for certain amounts within a problem.


For example:

Three concert tickets cost $170. The tax is 5%. 

1) How much will be added as tax for the tickets?

2) What is the total amount for the tickets?

3) What is the price per ticket


Lastly, despite removing  scale factor from the class notes, I did use it for the review section of class, an addition to my extended 90 minute periods this year. I started doing this after the December break, and after I had time to review Mock 1 data to begin identifying which topics and skills we needed to review. I have attached the review materials I used for this section.

  Relevance: Focus on the Aim
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More Tax, Tips, and Discounts

Unit 6: Percent Applications
Lesson 12 of 17

Objective: SWBAT review concepts in tax, tip, discounts, and scale factors to improve mastery.

Big Idea: students watch a learnzillion video to review percent problems with bar models and review scale factor problems.

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