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While the next 5-7 class days are not devoted to lessons related solely to the science fair, we do take the first 5-10 minutes of class to observe our bread and record our data. On the first day, I record my observations under the document camera while the students copy it down. This is my way of modeling not only the process of recording scientific observations, but also the academic and content vocabulary that is consistent with this process.

Throughout the rest of the days, I choose four different students to observe each piece of bread, stating their observations aloud, as the students and I write them in our science notebooks. I read mine aloud as I write to continue to provide modeling for a few days, but do this less and less in order to provide a gradual release of accountability to the students.

  Recording our Observations
  Gradual Release: Recording our Observations
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It's Alive!: Performing the Experiment

Unit 3: Science Fair
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT conduct a virtual and hands-on science experiment, creating as they go a detailed log of scientific notes and observations.

Big Idea: Experiments consist of more than just dumping chemicals together and hoping for an explosion. We experiment for a reason and have an end goal in mind.

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