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A lot of teachers are not sure how to grade science fair projects, or whether to even grade them at all. Not only do I believe it can be used for a grade, but it can be a significant part of their overall science grade! After all, a lot of learning is taking place, and each step offers an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of a specific step in the scientific process.

I grade each section separately, allowing for several mini-goals to be met along the way. I think doing it this way provides multiple opportunities for students to be successful, even if they need additional support in a particular area. It also helps students to stay organized and focused, without getting overwhelmed. Each section has a separate due date and is worth a specific amount of points, as follows:

  • Question: 10 pts
  • Hypothesis: 10 pts
  • Procedures: 20 pts
  • Results (data): 10 pts
  • Research/citations: 10 pts
  • Conclusions: 20 pts
  • Display board: 20 pts

  How do I grade this?
  Checks for Understanding: How do I grade this?
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Perfect Procedures

Unit 3: Science Fair
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT plan and compose step-by-step procedures to follow during scientific investigation.

Big Idea: Students often want to jump into experiments without a clear plan of action. Help them plan an experiment worth investigating!

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