Reflection: Show What You Know! 1-3 Formative Assessment - Section 3: Closing


So, the formative assessment is complete.  Most kiddos did really well, as expected.  Do I send the assessment home and call it good? NO! Place them in an assessment folder? NO!  Student folders? NO!  The key to formative assessments is to USE them.

So this is what I do.  As I mentioned in the lesson, I immediately add any numbers missed to a student's learning ring.  If I have a group of kiddos who are struggling with the number 3, for instance, I try to arrange some "breakfast buddies" before-school small group time to get some focused extra  practice with the number 3 using hands-on learning.  It can be tricky to get families to bring their kindergartners early, but I really try to get families on board to support learning.  I usually have success.

Ideally, my kindergarten team would get together, analyze data, and if we had manpower, we would implement a tier-2 RTI intervention for students struggling with these foundational numbers.  This year, we're not quite to that point yet, so I do my interventions on my own.  I don't mind doing my own thing, but I believe in the power of doing things in numbers.

  So... what's the next step?
  So... what's the next step?
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Show What You Know! 1-3 Formative Assessment

Unit 3: 0-5 Number Review
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write a specified number and show the quantity that the number represents.

Big Idea: We can keep practicing and having fun, but every so often, we need to do a check up to make sure that students are learning critical information.

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