Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Introduction to Objects in Motion - Section 3: Exploring Motion Via Simulator


Simulations provide a chance to explore multiple scenarios in a short amount of time. I use them in many ways, though one favorite mode of mine is exploring student intuition near the beginning of a unit. I can tap into their prior knowledge and build off of that by tailoring the exact nature of a scenario to the current conversation. For example, when a student asks if the runners in this simulation can go backwards, I flip the question back to the class: what would we have to do to the profile to make the runner go backwards? Then we explore this situation right away for feedback.

Here, I present some other thoughts about using a simulation to explore student thinking.

  The Power of Simulations
  Discourse and Questioning: The Power of Simulations
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Introduction to Objects in Motion

Unit 5: Objects in Motion
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: Students will begin their exploration of objects in motion by considering the relationship between distance versus time graphs and the motion of virtual runners.

Big Idea: Objects in motion can be described graphically.

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