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I intentionally chose to have the students predict where the possible placement of the #2 and #4 chip problem might be as a whole class.  When working with the students on learning to use known data in order to predict future data, I like to have everyone together in order to debate and communicate their thinking. 

I was pleasantly surprised that one student wanted to share her graph that her group decided to re-create.  They decided to retest one of their data points, because the result they got "did not make sense to them." This is fantastic thinking and critical to share with everyone. If I had just worked with this small group, the whole would have missed out. 

Watching during the active engagement for these important learning moments to share in the closing is important while circulating. 

  Group Problem Solving
  Checks for Understanding: Group Problem Solving
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May the Force Be With You!

Unit 8: Magnets
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to determine how to interrupt the force of magnetism and measure the force of magnetism.

Big Idea: This lesson is due to a student's question about how the force of his magnet was breaking when he moved his arm quickly. The motivation today is high because it is a student's idea.

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Science, Magnetism, magnet, magnetism, graphing data, Predicting Outcomes, attraction
  55 minutes
using magnetism for fun
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