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The online environment can be an ideal method for bridging the gap between lecture and laboratory. Resources related to the labs, including laboratory simulations and training materials, can easily be compiled and presented within the online format.

Virtual Labs, Simulations and Animations have been a wonderful addition to the project-based blended learning classroom laboratory that my students and I call home. These digital tasks have been instrumental in building valuable content and conceptual knowledge for students of varying skills levels as they attempt to address real-world problems. They also surface and address the learning and ability gaps of my students in addition to supporting a more personalized and individualized learning environment. My students are able to exercise choice as well as control the pace and pathway of their learning in a digital environment and that has led to greater engagement and ownership overall.

The following is a link to an impressive collection of online virtual labs. You be the the ever increasing trend of utilizing virtual labs to support hands-on lab experiences a FAD or FAB?

  Virtual Labs, Simulations and Animations: Fad or Fab?
  Problem-based Approaches: Virtual Labs, Simulations and Animations: Fad or Fab?
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Accuracy vs. Precision

Unit 5: Basic Tools of the Biotechnology Workplace
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: Students will perform several hands-on activities and view short video clips in order to differentiate between the importance of accuracy and precision in biotechnology.

Big Idea: Would precise or accurate data be preferred in the measurements and computations completed in our biotechnology lab?

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Science, precision, accuracy, College and Career Readiness
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accurate or precise
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