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When it comes to teaching abstract concepts, such as about the solar system or stars, videos become a great resource to utilize with the students. I find that a short YouTube clip is a great introduction to a lesson and can make visual representations, such as the size of stars, much easier for students to understand. I use videos quite often in my instruction either as an engagement tool or for review later on. There are several Science related channels on YouTube, or you can search a topic to get videos. Not every video is great of course, you have to make sure to choose wisely.

The particular video clip I chose for this lesson was a good choice, especially since the students wanted to see it over and over. They couldn't believe how small our Earth is compared to the sizes of the Stars.

  Using videos to introduce concepts
  Diverse Entry Points: Using videos to introduce concepts
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Star Light, Star Bright Part 2

Unit 2: The Sun and Earth Connection
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Objective: SWBAT determine why some stars appear to be brighter than others.

Big Idea: Many factors affect the brightness of stars. This lesson focuses on the factors of size and distance.

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stars in the mountains
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