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Although the students enjoyed the article on Stars and Nebulae and it had some amazing photographs, my students struggled with the assignment. We do a lot of close reading and looking for text evidence, but for some reason, this was a challenge. The format was a bit different than we are used to and the statements weren't exactly the same between the article and the worksheet. I also checked on the Lexile level for the article and it is at 1120 which only a few of my students can manage.

I ended up having to go back and re-teach about finding text evidence and had to re-read some of the article with the students. Next time, I would probably give students different versions of the article or different articles altogether so they can manage the reading. I found 2 great resources for non-fictions articles about stars. One is  where they have articles on different topics and there are questions included for the students to answer after reading. The article is here titled "Stargazing" and is a 960 Lexile. The other resource is


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Star Light, Star Bright-Part 1

Unit 2: The Sun and Earth Connection
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Objective: SWBAT define what a star is and learn more about the different types of stars.

Big Idea: Stars are the most commonly known objects of the universe and they are the building blocks of galaxies.

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