Reflection: Checks for Understanding It's Halloween--Let's Make Slime - Section 2: Warm-Up


In looking at student answers to the Pre-Lab, article-based questions, I noticed that the depth of understanding indicated by student answers varied widely.  In particular, I compared answers to question #3: "We will be making the variety of slime made from glue and borax.  How is cross-linking related to this type of slime?"

Many students pulled information directly from the article, but few went beyond to make connections that demonstrated they saw the relationship between the article content to what we would do in lab.  Typical answers looked like these two:




A slightly higher level answer for #3 (but incorrect reactants/products identification):



A small amount of student work did not demonstrate any understanding of cross-linking, such as this sample:


I was disappointed as a whole with student answers to the Investigation and Reflection questions from the activity handout.  After reviewing the student work, I will revise the questions I am asking.  I also plan to provide a word bank for an additional question in the Reflection section that asks students to explain using observation evidence, examples from the article, and the academic vocabulary provided in the word bank, how borax works with the glue molecules to make the slime.  Samples of the student work prompting me to revisit the questions I am asking:




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It's Halloween--Let's Make Slime

Unit 3: Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
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Objective: SWBAT make slime and describe its physical characteristics while making connections to what happens on a molecular level to change glue into slime.

Big Idea: Chemical reactions create new products by changing bonds; we can compare physical characteristics before and after a reaction.

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