Reflection: Rigor Quiz and React - Section 4: Reactions Mini-Lab


Students tend to be very generic in their observations.  I push them to be as objective as possible, avoiding terms like "rust" "fungus" "crud" and to state what they are seeing so everyone would understand.

The video clip below shows a student making an incorrect observation, and my prompts to get him to realize his error.  You can hear his lab partners helping him understand why he was off.

This became such an issue in our labs, that I dedicated a half of a period to revising lab observations.  That lesson can be found here.

  Quality Lab Observations
  Rigor: Quality Lab Observations
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Quiz and React

Unit 6: Chemical Reactions
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify reactants and products in equations and count atoms in chemical formulas, then work safely in lab to observe chemical reactions.

Big Idea: Students continue to experience chemical equations via quiz and lab.

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aluminum and copper reaction
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