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I am asking the students to either reflect on how they adjust their car to allow it to move or allow it to reverse direction for two different reasons.  If their car didn't move, I am looking for an understanding that they need a stronger magnet because the car was too heavy.  If they are trying to reverse the direction of their car, I am looking to see them explain their understanding if repelling and attracting to revers directions.  

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Design Tech: Making A Lego Car

Unit 3: Magnets
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT build a Lego car and then use magnet to make it move a given distance.

Big Idea: Engineers unite! Today your young engineers will build a car structure and be challenged to make it move 3 inches without touching it.

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Science, Design (Tech and Eng), Magnetism, magnetic field, magnet, 1st Grade, Magnets, magnetics
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