Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Percent Increase - Section 2: C Notes and Guided Practice


In re-watching the video in this section, I caught myself using the proportion/cross multiplication algorithm. So I am here to reiterate that I stepped away from showing students the proportion algorithm so that I could instead emphasize equivalent ratios and once again, ratio tables. This year I taught this lesson on increase (and decrease), with bar models. Here are two examples illustrating how I used bar models to develop the concepts:


Upon further reflection of the lesson this year, I wonder if doing a demo with loaves of bread or pieces of chocolate where we add a certain percentage onto an original amount (or subtract from it) would help students understand this topic. Loaves of sliced bread would work well because they are already segmented. 


  Another Instance of the Proporiton
  Adjustments to Practice: Another Instance of the Proporiton
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Percent Increase

Unit 6: Percent Applications
Lesson 5 of 17

Objective: SWBAT determine percent increase.

Big Idea: students work in pairs to calculate percent increase of created or given problem situations and answer questions to reflect on the abstract aspects of this topic

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